Natural Farming by Cho Han-Kyu


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Natural Farming is an agricultural methodology promoting protection of environment and life

Published by Cho Global Natural Farming

Author: Cho Han-Kyu, Cho Ju-Young

From the back cover:

I appeal to everyone. You cannot lead the agricultural industry with a civilization that revolve around opportunism. You cannot only depend on practical reasoning, scientific finding, analysis and calculations.
The conventional method, which is simply ‘imitation of agricultural administration and science’, is not the key yo farming. It disregards eachregion’s particular characteristics.
‘Theory-based agricultural administration and science’, which ignore realities, should be switch-over to more independent and self-managing farming.
The following areas should also be changed: imported agricultural technology to more Korean-style of farming; machinery-style and chemical farming methods to life-and nature-preserving agriculture techniques; and slash-and burn agriculture method shoul respect all aspects in farming such as brand names, products and resources. If this kind of agricultural environment is not realized, farmers will not be able to survive through difficulties, or enhance the agricultural industry.

The definitive guide by the Master himself! This book contains the theory as well as formulas for success. The writing is a bit ‘Kringlish’ as one can see by the verbatim quote from the back cover, but this edition has many gems and buried treasures that is a “must have” for every serious Natural Farmer!

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