Korean Natural Farming Piggeries In The News

By IVY ASHE Hawaii Tribune-Herald

Atto Assi’s piggery in Mountain View is home to more than two dozen sows and one boar.

This is a standard size for a small commercial operation in Hawaii. And if all goes well in the coming months, the model Assi uses for his farm — Korean natural farming — is about to become the standard for the Big Island’s next big meat market: local pork.

Assi is a charter member of the Hawaii Island Swine Producers Cooperative, which formed last year as a steering committee and now is beginning to step up its efforts.

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Master Cho Visits Hawai’i February 2017

CGNF-Hawaii sponsored Master Cho to visit the Big Island of Hawai’i. He offered a seminar and awarded Certificates of Completion to over 120 very enthusiastic students. Korean Natural Farming is really growing in the islands and the soil foundation that has been laid is sprouting vigorously.